{my own ongoing project}

I thought I'd share my own gardening project with you. I've had trepidations about doing so as my garden is no Picasso - it's more a kindergarten kids hand-painting...

When we moved into our home nearly two years ago I was faced with an overgrown jungle. There was little in the way of a theme or concept for the garden, with random plants that clashed, some which had overgrown others completely and then those which were completely unsuitable for the location.

Unlike other gardeners or home owners who might have looked at it and just wanted to rip everything out, take it to the tip and start again with a blank canvas, I assessed what I had to work with and what I could re-use.

Looking back at these photos I now wonder if I would take it on again - what a mess! But I love a challenge and so I took to the garden bit by bit working my way around slowly but surely. The plants that had overgrown into a jungle were cut back and those in the wrong location were moved to more appropriate sections of the garden. I'm now selecting new plants based on their suitability for the location and planting theme (now I have one!).

It's a work in progress, one which takes a lot of time, when I have it to spare after 'playing' in other people's gardens. There is still a huge amount of work for me to do and I have a lot of plans still to put into place, but when I look back on the before photos I can see that I have achieved something. I look forward to the day I can share with you my big "viola" moment of unveiling the finished piece of artwork!

Before: what a jungle!
A 'licorice all-sorts' themed garden... with a bit of a ho-hum outlook

After: Presentable at least for a party. I uncovered a whole assortment
of hidden gems, including a number of orchids not seen in this photo

After: a new hedge of Magnolia 'Little Gems' will hopefully provide
some much needed privacy and screening for using the backyard
Before: a mess... enough said!
After: A lick of paint and a few productive plants -  passionfruit,
herbs and tomatoes.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this, love all the plants : )