{an afternoon with Jennifer Stackhouse at the home of Snugglepot & Cuddlepie}

Like most Australian children I was brought up reading the tales of May Gibbs' Snugglepot & Cuddlepie, believing they truly existed among the blossom and gum nuts on the Eucalypt trees, and being scared of Banksia seed pods for the fear the nasty Banksia Men would jump out at me.

I loved the sweet little skirts of blossom and the bare little bottoms

So when I read that Jennifer Stackhouse, Editor of Australian Gardening magazine would be guest of 'Fireside Chats' at "Nutcote Cottage", the home of May Gibbs, I jumped at the chance to cosy up to a fire and hear her speak about her experiences thus far in the gardening and horticulture world. It was a very wet, soggy, windy old day in Sydney so it was the perfect place to be. Jennifer was very warm and generous in sharing her thoughts about specific topics and gardening in general.

Caroline Minogue (Chair of Nutcote Trust) with Jennifer Stackhouse
Afterwards the most amazing afternoon tea was served in the aptly named 'Bib and Bub Tea Room' (think traditional afternoon tea of passionfruit iced sponge; scones, jam and cream; lamingtons and hot brewed cups of tea).
'Bib and Bub'
The grounds of  "Nutcote Cottage" have been lovingly restored by volunteers to the original plans set out by May Gibbs herself with many plant species she grew reintroduced to the garden. Being winter it was all looking a bit sleepy, but come spring it would look amazing.
the gorgeous 'Caterpillar Hedge' outside the 'Bib & Bub Tearooms'

Today the gardens play host to around 7000 visitors, from the young to young-at-heart. Children celebrate their birthdays dressing up as Snugglepot and Cuddlepie, and grown-ups can play their own dress-ups and get married in the beautiful garden.

I would highly recommend visiting this little gem nestled by the harbour no matter your age to either recount your childhood memories or foster new ones. To find out more visit the May Gibbs' website here

Finally, I just had to share the below photos - May had her own Gardening Assistant too!

In memory of her beloved Scotty Dog. Reminds me of my own helper in the garden....
my four-legged child and Gardening Assistant

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  1. Oooh, would loved to have been there. I'm sure it was a fascinating talk. And how cute are those grounds ... and how nice it must be for you to have such a spunky GA. I have a big fluffy feline assistant who likes to sit on my work and generally cause trouble ... but I love every minute of it!
    Really loving your blog Angela,
    Allison x