{cows have feelings too...please help ban Live Export}

I absolutely adore cows. If I could I would have a couple in my backyard here on the Northern Beaches!

It is because of this affection for them that I couldn't watch the recent vision on television about the Live Animal Exports. The thought of what the vision included was enough to deeply upset me. I couldn't even bring myself to open the emails about signing the petition to ban the exports in fear that I would see images that would tear my heart apart.

My earliest memories include cows. To me they were always a part of my life. They were always in view out one of the windows of our house, and quite often I would wake up to hear them grazing in the paddock outside my bedroom window. Not to mention the number of poddy calves who became pets. Growing up on a cattle farm I came to have an understanding of what their ultimate destiny is early on. As a young child it was something I tried not to think about too much. When the trucks would come to take a load of cattle to the markets I'd head off down the paddock in the opposite direction - I couldn't watch, it was like saying goodbye to friends you wouldn't see again.

My recent trip away to the country affirmed my love for them - their big, brown, beautiful eyes with their long lashes; the way they slowly chew away on the same piece of grass for minutes on end taking their time and enjoying every morsel; the fact they can be so stupid yet so smart at the same time!

I finally plucked up enough courage to open a request to sign the BAN LIVE EXPORT petition this morning. My eyes were very cautious as to what they saw and took in, but I got there in the end - I'd sign it a hundred times or more if I could to stop this horrendous and extremely unneccessary act. I would strongly urge everyone to do the same. These poor darlings do have a voice - but sadly it is one we don't hear or understand. It is up to us to use our voice to stop this and give them the right to have their ultimate destiny at least granted with dignity and grace.

PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION NOW! It's so very very important.

Image of darling calves and their mummy: by {the hort couture gardener}


  1. Angela, I too have signed the Ban Live Export petition. The practice is abominable and subhuman. On a lighter note, if you had room in your yard, there's a miniature breed of cattle called 'Dexter'. growing to only about 100cm. You can see more at www.dexter.com.au

  2. Ohh I love the Dexter breed. I love their wooly coat - they look so cuddly (yes I cuddle cows!) Trust me they are on the list! One day, one day!!

  3. Hi Angela,
    something you might be interested in, a new, whimsical small-press chapbook by Lydia Davis, called 'Cows', is reviewed at:
    Cheers, Faisal.