{heaven is: this view! p.s. did I sleep through winter?}

I had to double check the calendar this morning. Why? To make sure I hadn't slept through winter and woken up in Spring.

What a perfect day!

There are so many reasons I'm always grateful to be alive on days like today. To live on the doorstep of the world's most beautiful beaches, feel the warmth of the sun on my skin and be outdoors doing what I love following my passion, is truly a gift and not one eveyone gets to unwrap.

Sure, there are not so perfect days with moments where owning your own business, and doing something for the love v. money, can be difficult and you question "what the hell am I doing/thinking?!". But, it is always the small things that remind you of the answer to this sometimes perplexing question. For example, these photos were taken at a seminar I attended today. Don't ask me to recite anything I learnt though - that view was so special you couldn't help but be drawn into it. I think heaven has a new postcode!!

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