{the bridesmaid & the florist}

(C) Sarah Ryhanen @ Saipua

Once upon a time there was a young girl who dreamed of playing amongst flowers all day, surrounded by beautiful blooms and 'cotton-wooled' in their soft scent.

One fine summer's day this young girl would meet her long-time best friend on the school bus on their first day of school. Over the years they shared many of life's ups and downs; graduating school, university and college, meeting boyfriends - breaking up with boyfriends, starting jobs - quiting jobs. Years would pass and oceans would separate them, but they would always remain the closest of friends. 

Many years later the young girl met her 'Knight in white shining armour' and had her best-friend  by her side as she married. A few years would pass when one day this best-friend would too meet the 'Man of her dreams' and ask her friend to be by her side as she married. "What an honour" thought the not-so-young-anymore girl. But then, the best-friend asked something which would bring even more happiness and joy, "would you help me do my wedding flowers?". Oh, how this brought a smile inside her heart. What fun they would have creating the most beautiful bouquets and decorations for such a special occasion!

And so, off went this not-so-young-anymore girl  searching across the seas, over the mountains and down into the valleys, filling her 'www. bookmarks basket' with all sorts of loveliness and inspiration for the big day which lay ahead.

(C) Sarah Ryhanen @ Saipua
... what a thrill I got when I heard my best-friend was to be married next year - on top of that excitement I then had the added bonus of not only being asked to accompany her as part of her bridal party but to also assist her with her flowers!!

A few years ago now, 5 1/2 to be exact, she was there to help me and my Mum put together the flowers for my own wedding. If there was such a thing as "Best Bridesmaid of the Year Award" this friend would certainly have been the outstanding winner. So, it is such a pleasure to be able to repay the favour.

(C) Sarah Ryhanen @ Saipua
Planning for a wedding is a lot of fun, albeit a bit stressful - dresses, accessories, food and of course flowers!!! So I'm very excited to be able to be a part of this excitement and can't wait until February for the big day to come.

In the meantime I'm seriously thinking about attending TAFE to study Floristry (how handy!) - until then I think I may just have to practice a few posies! Stay tuned for the next installment of this fairytale story!!

Images: Saipua - absolutely amazing flower arrangements by Sarah Ryhanen. She is such a huge source of inspiration and delivers without doubt the most amazing dose of beauty.

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