{Styling it up for Sumo Salad - Part I}

Super excited to be working with Sumo Salad on their Summer Menu Media Campaign!

Potted up Sumo Salad pails - you couldn't get a more fresh salad!
The campaign started out with invitations attached to salad pails planted out with an assortment of lettuce and swiss chard. 

'The Healthiest Fast Food Franchise' goes green!
Loving the form, texture and colours
Never was planting lettuce seedlings so difficult as in these little salad pails - no dirty finger prints!! and of course there were definitely test runs completed to ensure no leakage occurred. I had nightmares the night before delivery of waking to find a pile of cardboard slush and mud. But of course my little Garden Guardian Angel was looking after me and they all looked perfect!

Lots of lettuce!!
Then the tricky bit of transporting this precious cargo - I'm definitely investing in a 'Baby on Board' car sticker and replacing 'Baby' with 'PLANTS'. Cornering was definitely taken very slowly as were speed humps - apologies if you were travelling behind me!

With stage one of the campaign completed the next exciting phase began - styling the luncheon for the invited guests! ... to be continued!

Photos: {hort couture}

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