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Me when I'm at my happiest - surrounded by plants
(this just happens to be heaven -  Royal Botanic Gardens Hobart
I have been a bit absent of late - apologies for that. Work has had me crazy busy over the last few weeks (insert Facebook 'Like' button here!) However, it has kept me from updating my blog about the exciting projectS I've been working on. When I say projectS I emphasise the S on the end as I've been busy in the kitchen baking more than one kind of pie lately (sadly for my husband this is an analogy only...)!

So what has kept me so busy? Well apart from the usual of getting dirty in the garden (mine and my wonderful client's) I've been busy prototyping a few products I'm going to hopefully get off to market in the coming weeks and working on a very exciting campaign for a food retail client.

I've loved the eclectic nature of my work over the last few weeks so much so that I think that's what I want to be doing, however it has left me a bit perplexed when asked that age old question last week, "So what do you do?" My usual response would be, "I'm a Horticulturist" but now I find myself not wanting to respond only with this title. I feel I want to be, and am, more than just a Horticulturist.

I'm not your typical Horticulturist, Garden Designer or Florist. I've never wanted to be a 'typical' anything. Being pigeon-holed into one particular career is what I've been working against my whole working life. When boxed into one title only I feel like a bird with its wings clipped, all my creative freedom has been robbed from me and I feel stifled.

I find myself at a very exciting point in my life and career. I'm submersing myself into a number of things I love to do (just what life should be). Talking about plants, gardens and flowers is my mother-tongue, it's as if I was born speaking this language. But, typical of me I don't want to just be called a "Horticulturist" or a "Florist", I don't like titles. I find them restrictive and I don't want to be recognised by another name other than my own.

So for now I'm just me doing what I love - talking and working with flowers, plants and gardens in all their guises. I'll just have to work out how best to answer the question, "so what do you do" as best as I can in under 10 minutes.

PS. I'm also working on updating my website to include all the "pies" I'm working on. Bear with me as technology is definitely not my second language!

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  1. Sounds like exciting times! Looking forward to hearing more about these projects in the coming months...