{haute couture v. hort couture : gardening gloves}

I'm not sure about you but I spend a pretty penny on gardening gloves. Not because I buy expensive designer gloves either. I buy the practical ones - standard issue rubber grip and knitted back. They do the job - just not for long.... I tend to go through at least a pair per month or so.

I adore these Ethel gloves - they are the haute couture of gardening gloves! I like the fact they are made specifically to fit a woman's hands, so there's no extra fabric that makes them cumbersome and difficult to do fine weeding or planting out seedlings.

There are so many gorgeous prints and a rainbow of colours to choose from - you could have a pair for each day of the week!

These leather ones may not be as pretty but I think they'll be super practical for work.

Do you have a favourite glove?

Images: via Ethel Gloves

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