{an 'ah-choo bouquet'!}

My 'yellow-goodness-sneezy-wheezy' bouquet
We had our first hands-on session of floral arranging at TAFE yesterday - YAY!

It sounds cliche I know but "it's harder than it looks"! I felt all fingers and thumbs getting my head around the spiralling technique to create a bouquet. I've tried it before at home but have never been hugely successful with it - no hiding yesterday though with our teacher coming around and offering advice and gentle critique about our arrangements.

Hitting the markets before the sun is up makes deciding on what to buy a little challenging. I'm certainly not on my A-game at that time of morning to make any sensible or rational decisions about what to buy. So I made the very amateur mistake of letting my heart dictate over my head and came away with WATTLE - oh dear!! It was the gorgeous vivid sunburst yellow blossom to blame. It accented beautifully against my yet to open buds of yellow tulips. A little voice inside my head was saying "you shouldn't buy it" as I handed over my cash, but I wasn't going to let them tell me what to do! Five minutes into class I wished I had. Much to my horror one of my poor fellow students was instantly affected by the tiny terror of pollen... I felt rather embarrassed and felt the need to constantly apologise (" but it was the yellow!!!" I'd cry)

A gentle critique session - note teacher's bouquet in green wrapping...
How the pros do it! Teacher's 'how to' bouquet
Apart from the coughing and wheezing, and getting myself tangled up it was an enjoyable morning of bouquet creating. # 1 lesson learnt from first week of floral design - don't buy material with highly allergic pollen no matter the fantastic yellow colour!

PS. Sorry about blurry images - maybe photography should be the next course...

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