{haute couture v. hort couture : bloom}

Some girls having a shoe fetish, others one for handbags.Mine is magazines - more specifically, the house and garden variety. I have my favourites that are a ritual purchase each month and others which are on a month-by-month basis - have a quick flick through at the newsstand to see if there is something that catches my eye enough to purchase or maybe just wait to borrow from the library - it can end up an expensive addiction otherwise...
{my little obsession has taken over the office shelves and any flat surface...}
Much to my husband's horror I've found another gem! BLOOM magazine is a mecca of all things stunningly beautiful in the way of buds and blooms. It's certainly not a monthly purchase at the cost of around 60euros a copy... and there's also the minor issue of possibly having to fork out for French lessons to truly be able to appreciate it... but I believe the universal language of the beauty of flowers transcends all language barriers.
Definitely on the birthday/Christmas wish list!!

{Images courtesy of Bloom}


  1. Ahhh Bloom. Such a lovely magazine. I could never afford it so used to sneak into the RMIT library just to read it. I would use a lot of those beautiful photographs on my storyboards.
    I've been meaning to comment for ages now to tell you how much I'm enjoying your blog. You must keep showing us pics from your floral arranging course ... Allison x

  2. Oh ... and Angela, happy birthday!!!!

  3. Thank you sweet Allison. B'day is in October so I'm a bit premature with the whole B'day wish list thing - but I do look forward to treating myself to the Oct issue of AH&G for your beautiful illustration. It's a reminder of all the places I hope to travel to one day! x