{rainy days = inside days}

I never complain about the rain, but today I feel slightly put out by it. I've been looking forward to working with a client in her garden today, but it seems someone wants to take my fun away from me... As a rule it is advisable not to do too much work in your garden after heavy or long periods of rain as you risk compacting the soil and compromising its structure. So we've rainchecked our gardening date for when the sun decides to shine on us.

So I'm indoors bound to work on a few projects I have going on at the moment. One of which is an exciting overhaul of a neglected space. The client has a sizeable orchid collection they inherited from their father, a keen orchid grower and collector. Living amongst native bushland they have a lot of trouble with wallabies eating the precious flower stalks of the orchids.

A fenced area, once housing several dog kennels is now in the process of the ultimate makeover. It will become a lush garden filled with Cymbidium orchids where the owners will be able to relax in a quiet space to contemplate their beautiful surroundings of the bush and a tend to a small productive zone with a vegetable and herb garden - all safely housed away from the nibbling native fauna. Early stage sketch below along with a 'before' shot. I'll keep you updated on its progress.

Rainy day workspace

Concept sketch
'Before' entry. The beautiful Angophora will
become a centrepiece of the garden

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