{the language of flowers}

Being self-employed has many benefits, and as I’m finding out many stresses, so the ability to choose when and how I take my breaks is my idea of heaven. With the work of the day done, the gentle light of the afternoon sun streaming in our dining room beckoned for me to sit and enjoy a cuppa and some chillax time with a good book. Reading a dictionary may not be everyone’s idea of a good book – but this one is special, it’s all about flowers of course!

Amongst my treasures I bought at the Cottage Garden Club Meeting, was the sweetest little book called “The Language of Flowers”. The author of this dictionary of flowers and their meaning, remains unkown. The only clue given is that the gentleman who wrote it did so for his wife for their golden wedding anniversary, which they celebrated in August 1913! The original book was handscripted with delicate watercolour paintings of flowers and plants bordering each page. For many years it remained a family heirloom, however with their permission it has been lovingly reproduced for us all to enjoy.

So yesterday afternoon, I poured myself a proper cup of tea and read the dictionary!

Some of my favourite flowers (really I don’t think there isn’t a flower I don’t call my favourite, but I’ve tried to narrow down the list)

Anemone – Forsaken
Bluebells – Constancy
Columbine – Folly
Daphne Odora – Painting the lilly
Lilly-of-the-valley – Return of happiness
Lotus – Eloquence
Magnolia – Dignity
Pansy – Thoughts

White Rosebuds – Girlhood & a heart ignorant of love
Yellow Tulips – Hopeless love

Let me know if you have any flowers you’d like to know the meaning of!

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