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A very belated blog post... I can't believe how long it's been since my last post - please accept my apologies for the lack of love on my blog. The last few months have been a mix of busy with work then nothing but bed rest after a little scare with my body deciding it wanted to take out the bun baking away in my belly much too early for anybody's liking. Since 26 weeks is much too early for a healthy baby to enter the world it's been feet up for me until I hit the milestone of 32 weeks (last week!!). I've had a multitude of carers taking care of me (aka cracking the whip on me to stay in bed) so have been a bit distracted from thinking about work let alone writing blog posts... but I'm feeling pretty good right now, lots of Braxton Hicks but otherwise feeling like I could take on the world - albeit maybe a small garden bed or flower arrangements for a wedding!!

Now we're just counting down the last weeks until the junior arrives. I definitely have the nesting thing going on - washing all those adorably tiny clothes, wanting to paint and decorate the nursery ('cause I can now!) and thinking about what needs to go in my hospital bag. 

Until then, I promise I won't leave it so long between posts - I have lots to catch up! x

PS. Whilst bed ridden I did succumb to the world of Pinterest - if you would like to see what inspires me/I think is beautiful follow me here

Image: sorry blame it on baby brain, I can't for the life of me remember or find again where I found it.... I'll keep tyring so I can properly cite it...sorry!

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