{I've fallen in love again!}


How could I ever think I didn't want to do this (floristry)? 4:30am wake up call and all - these beautiful babies are more than worth it!

Being the anal perfectionist (& stress head) that I am I wanted to do a trial run of a wedding I've been asked to do. This is what I'm thinking - Flushed pink and antique pink roses, David Austen roses (aptly named 'Honeymoon'!), Bouvardia and Pieris. Simple, feminine, pretty, austere and gracious. Their fragrance is so divine the bride won't need to wear perfume!

Have I mentioned 'I LOVE FLOWERS!!'? Yay!

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  1. I hope you don't mind me saying, but those David Austen roses are just so beautiful for any occasion. My father passed away recently and the lovely florist chose roses just like these with the addition of wheat and barley ( my Dad was a farmer!) and the result was stunning and so appropriate. You can see what a wonderful addition they are to any of life's turning points.