{our backyard}

So very Sydney!!!
So very 'Snugglepot & Cuddlepie'!!

ok it's not exactly my backyard, it's our backyard though - all us lucky Sydney siders!

Is there a more iconic image of Australia than the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge framed by the beautiful blossoms of a Eucalyptus 'Summer Beauty'? 

A few weeks back now I spent the day exploring the beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens. I had managed to forget how picturesque they are with the backdrop of the city skyline and the blue harbour.

It was a stinking hot day - middle of summer back then, but the gardens were a cool respite from the heat of the city. I stepped out of the stress of the city to be greeted by two lovely ladies at the 'Friends of the Gardens' who couldn't have been more friendly (but then as my Mum says, "all gardeners are lovely"). I also met and chatted with another two lovely gardeners who tend to the Sunken Garden and Rose Garden - certainly in the heat they were doing an amazing job keeping it looking it's best under the extreme circumstances.

L: Dee Mortimore, R: Adrian Pedra
'Gertrude Jekyll' - the perfume was amazing!
Those office-workers need to take time to smell these roses!!!

The fabulous herbarium - I want my front yard to look like this!

For me the gardens are wonderland for me to be inspired by, to learn from and ogle over all the beauty they contain. For others, the gardens are a place for quiet contemplation, a lunch-break, reading, running or walking, sleeping and sun-baking and even getting married (they are a very popular choice for couples wishing to take advantage of the gorgeous backdrop for photos)

I can't believe I hadn't made the effort to visit sooner. I'm going to make another visit in a few weeks to see the change of seasons in the gardens. I'd highly recommend taking a stroll around these beautiful gardens with a picnic basket and blanket in hand to stop, sit and take it all in! Ahhh bliss!

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