{heaven is: being surrounded by beautiful buds & blooms}

Be still my beating heart! This is my idea of a heavenly workspace: being surrounded by the beauty of all those gorgeous buds and blooms. I've always said (& please don't take this personally) that flowers are much easier to work with than people - they just sit there and look pretty. 

Since a little girl I have dreamed of owning my own little shop of treasures filled with gardening goodies and brimming with beautiful fresh flowers. I can see it in all it's glory, all the finer details of how it would look, of course including the yellow and white stripe window awning.

PS. In case you were wondering, heaven can be found here @ Saipua an uber pretty floristry in New York. It's definitely going on the 'To Visit' bucket list!

What about you? What's your idea of a heavenly workspace?

All images by Jennifer Causey

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