{a little project of my own...}

I feel very guilty for abandoning my blog and not keeping up with my 'Alphabet of favourite flowers' but I have a good excuse - promise! (or at least I think it is...)

I wish I could say I've been super busy outdoors creating and tending to beautiful gardens, sadly though this couldn't be further from the truth... I've been making very good acquaintance with the couch, cooking DVDs, re-reading old magazines from front to back and back to front again and speed reading books like never before.

I have been busy working on another project though, a little something called a baby!... All very exciting apart from the morning sickness which kicked in much much much too early for my liking. So whilst this little garden guru to be has been busy growing away I've been doing very little in the way of tending to my garden over summer - something I'm a little ashamed of as the front garden is quite on show. When I first started working on it, especially when the vegie patches went in, we would get a number of passers-by stopping to chat and comment on how it was coming along - and it was looking really good... Sadly, even the thought of getting outside and working in it made me feel ill. As the weeks progress though I'm able to do a little more, instead of it being all-day sickness it is now confining itself to the afternoons so I can do a little in the morning before turning in for the afternoon nanna nap I've become so accustomed to.

So a new era in the {hort couture} story is about to begin. What exactly it will entail is still a little uncertain at this stage, whatever it is though there will still be gardens and definitely flowers!


  1. This is very exciting....congratulations. Growing a baby is the most amazing journey you will ever experience...and as I am at the end of my own journey in baby making I thank you for the reminder. I look forward to watching you grow :-)

  2. Thank you for your kind words. It's definitely an experience I'm beginning to enjoy! PS. I've already dropped many many hints about a Maggie & Sparrow quilt for the little one! Hope all is well with yours x

  3. Congratulations! Such lovely news ... sorry to hear you have been a little unwell but fingers crossed things are a bit better now. You must be so excited -can't wait to follow your new journey ...
    Take care,
    Allison xx

  4. Congratulations!
    If it's a girl there are so many flowery names to choose from. I have a boy and he is called Lupin... I don't have a garden but I always give people (who do) Lupin seeds as a gift.
    Hope you have an easy pregnancy :-)