Welcome to my little patch of the 'big-wide blog-world'!! This is where I will share my passion for flowers, dirt, worms, compost, the great outdoors, the environment and all things garedenesque! It is also where I will chronicle my adventures with my new little business {hort couture}

{hort couture} is the baby I have dreamed about since a little girl growing up on the farm in central west NSW. It was a childhood spent getting dirt under my nails and on my knees out in the paddocks, down by the river which wended its way through our property, or by my Mother's side in her sprawling country garden. It is she who I owe my passion for gardening - she instilled in me the great love I have for Mother Nature, even when she is in bad mood or disciplining us with drought and flood.

My own garden is an experiment, a science laboratory for me to test out ideas - what plants work where, what looks good together, how to control pests and diseases etc... I'll share my hits and misses with you!

I hope you enjoy my garden ramblings and meanderings down the garden path.

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